Hiring Process FAQ

If I am hired, what is the process?

1. If hired, we will send you an emailed offer through McHire. 2. Once you accept the offer, you will receive a link to complete all required hiring paperwork
through McHire – all online!
3. After your online paperwork is complete you will be contacted by our hiring office if there are any additional items needed and given a start date and training schedule.
4. Get started at your restaurant! Your first day you will go through an online orientation, receive your uniforms, and begin your training in the restaurant.

Do I have to remove facial piercings, tongue rings or shave facial hair for orientation?

All facial piercings (lip, tongue, nose (unless very small post type), eyebrow) need to be removed when working. Facial hair is not allowed when working and employee should be clean shaven. Sideburns should not be past your ears. Mustaches are allowed.

What if I have tattoos?

Tattoos may need to be covered at the discretion of your General Manager. Although we
appreciate our employee’s individualism, we ask that if a tattoo could potentially be seen as
offensive to any of our guests that the employee covers that tattoo.

What if I am late to my first day of work?

You will need to contact the Manager on Duty at the restaurant you are hired to work at.