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Frequently asked questions

If I am hired, what is the process?

Step 1 - If hired, we will contact you via text and/or email or a phone call – informing you that we have sent an email to you from on behalf of Trippco,LLC. Step 2- We will ask that you complete all required paperwork through Step 3- Once completed, we will contact you at our earliest convenience about orientation details. A confirmation, from you is required to attend. Step 4- Attend orientation, typically lasts around 3-4 hours. At orientation we will go over everything you need to know to get started. Step 5- Get started!

If invited to an orientation, what will I be required to bring with me?

If you are invited to attend an orientation, you will be required to bring with you, 2 forms of valid ids. 1 valid photo id, including drives license, state id card (students may bring a school id) and a social security card or birth certificate. For more id options, please click here: We do not ask that you bring anything else to orientation, besides yourself!

Do I have to remove facial piercings, tongue rings or shave facial hair for orientation?

You do not have to remove facial piercings, tongue rings or shave facial hair for orientation. Do know, however, that all facial piercings, tongue rings need to removed when working. Facial hair is not allowed when working, and should be clean shaven. Side burns should not be past your ear. Mustaches are acceptable.

What if I have tattoos?

You do not have to cover tattoos for orientation. However, Tattoos may need to be covered at the discretion of your management team. Although we appreciate our employee’s individualism, we will ask that any tattoos be completely covered, if they could potentially be seen as offensive to any of our customers. We do have “tattoo” sleeves that can be worn while working, please just let us know that you need them.

What if I am late to orientation?

You will need to contact us prior to our orientation start time if you believe you are late. If you arrive after the start of orientation, it will be our hiring manager’s discretion if you still have a position with us.

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