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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to apply online?

We ask that all applicants apply online. Visit the links on the Join The Team page on our website to apply online. Our applications are through Snagajob.

If I can work at multiple locations listed on your website, do I apply to all of them?

You can select multiple locations during the application process. It is not necessary for you to apply to more than one location listed on our website. It is not necessary for you to apply at more than one location listed on our website. Our hiring team members will ask you about the locations (operated by Iron Arch Management) that you may be able to work at in the area. Please note: if you are interested in applying at a location not listed at this site, you will want to visit and apply. Other location's hiring process may differ.

Where do I go for an interview?

We ask that you attend an interview at the resaturant you applied to. You can find the addesses of all the Iron Arch Managemert locations here

When are interviews and do I need to schedule one?

We now have interviews anytime! This means you can go to the location you applied to and simply talk to the mananger to request an interview. If there is no one available at the time, a manager can schedule a time for you to come back for an interview. Our interviews typically last 10-12 minutes. We do have open interviews at some of our locations on Tuesday from 1:00pm until 6:00pm.

When will I find out if I’ve been selected for a position?

You will recieve an email of text message letting you know if you have been selected for a position. (Generally, this is within 1-3 days of your interview.)

Do I need to bring anything to interview?

You will just need to bring yourself during your interview.

What if I have worked for McDonald’s before?

If you have worked for a McDonald’s in the last 6 months, and it was not with Iron Arch Management (formerly Trippco, LLC), you will need to provide the following information from your previous McDonald's employer at your interview: 1. McDonald's Address (Street Name, City, State) 2. McDonald's Phone Number 3. Name of the General Manager Please contact us at if you have further questions.

Which locations have open interviews?

We have open interviews each Tuesday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Interviews are completed on a first come, first serve basis and last 10-12 minutes. The following locations have open interviews: Waunkee, WI 651 W. Main St. Middleton, WI 2626 Allen Blvd. 8308 Greenway Blvd. Madison, WI 4687 Verona Rd. 6910 Odana Rd. 4500 University Ave.

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